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ID numbers for all Swedish customers now required by registry regulations

When registering a new domain name, additional information is required by some Top Level Domains.

At nunames, we value your privacy and personal rights. We strive to create the best user experience we can while maintaining the expectations of governing bodies and international law.

For the .NU Top Level Domain, according to .NU registry regulations, only Swedish entities posessing a Personal Identity Number (Personnummer) or Corporate ID number may register a NU domain and this number must be provided. For details, please refer to sections 3.1.1 and 4.1.1.ii of the .NU Terms and Conditions. For non-Swedish entities, this ID number is not required, but some other unique identifier must be provided instead. For non-Swedish customers, we will generate a unique identifier for you; but Swedish customers must provide their ID number as described below.

In addition, all other customer contact information must be complete, correct, and correctly formatted. If your information is not valid, your registration may fail.

Please ensure that all data in your account is correct before attempting to register a new .NU domain name. If you are a Swedish resident or represent a Swedish organization, your personal or organization ID number must be present in your account.

Before registering a new .NU domain name for the first time, please create an account and make sure that your Personal ID Number has been entered. New .NU registration attempts made without being logged in to your account and without this number being entered will fail.

To add your Personal or Corporate ID number, after logging in to your Customer Area:

  • Click on the 'Profile' menu tab
  • For all contacts listed, click on 'update' in the contacts area
  • Click on the 'TLD Specific' tab for that contact
  • Scroll down to IISNU.
  • Enter your ID number. For Swedish residents, the number should be of the form: [SE]yymmdd-nnnn

    For non-Swedish residents, the form should be [CC]nnnnnnnn where CC is the two-letter country-code for your country and nnnnnnnn is any unique, identifying number - for example, your national ID number, your phone number, or your email address.

Once your Personal ID Number (Personnummer) or Corporate ID Number has been entered and you are logged in to your account, you may succesfully register new .NU domain names without error.