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.xyz domain name registrar

.xyz offers choice to individuals and businesses when selecting a domain name.

"xyz" is used daily, worldwide, as a short and easy to remember phrase. It’s composed of three letters - just like other popular extensions - to bring a familiar quality to an innovative new extension. We can arrange your registration, transfer or change of your .xyz domain names quickly and efficiently.

Registration Requirements

Minimum 3 characters. Maximum 63 characters. You can't start or end .xyz domains with a ("-") sign.

Transfer Policy

The transfer costs include a renewal of the domain. The registration period will change, 1 year renewal will be added to the original expiry date. A transfer takes 5 days to complete.

Redemption Restore info

After deleting/expiring of a domain of this type, the domain will enter into a redemption period of 30 days. After this the domain will enter into a pending delete state for 5 days, after which it will become available for registration. During the redemption period, the domain can be restored by us.

Origin: Generic
IDN: Yes
Registry: XYZ.COM LLC
Introduced:  2014
Use: A .XYZ domain can be used and registered by anyone or any corporation.