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    Basic InstantWeb Renewal Notices

    You may have recently received an automatically generated renewal reminder and/or an automatically generated invoice notification regarding "Basic InstantWeb" and you may be wondering what this service is and whether or not you need to renew it.

    What is Basic InstantWeb?

    Basic InstantWeb is a simple hosting service provided by NuNames that allows you to easily construct a one-page website and/or have up to four email addresses at your domain - two email forwards and two web-accessible mail boxes. More information about Basic InstantWeb and our other InstantWeb options is available here.

    Why do I have it?

  • In the summer of 2013, NuNames converted to a new website and updated database and backend system that allows us to offer new services, such as personal and professional web hosting, new improved InstantWeb options, and email for your domain. Our old system, which you may have been familiar with, had not been updated since 1998. As much as we liked the legacy system, it was increasingly dated and difficult to maintain; and could not provide features now required by ICANN and various registries.

    As part of this conversion, many customers, in order to preserve the legacy functions associated with their domains, were given a free registration to the new Basic InstantWeb service. This was so that their existing InstantWeb service or email forwarding would continue to work uninterrupted.

    Do I need to renew this service or pay this invoice?

    Probably not. Many of our old InstantWeb services that we used to charge for—such as URL forwarding—have recently been made available free of charge and so you do not need to keep your Basic InstantWeb service in order to keep your URL forwarding.

    However, if you are using Basic InstantWeb to host your one page website, then you do need to renew the service and/or pay the invoice in order to keep your current website active.

    If you are only using Basic InstantWeb in order to have email service, but are hosting your website elsewhere, you may prefer to use one of our new email-only solutions (including a "Free Email" option, which includes forwarding) instead. Descriptions of these are also available online here. Just sign-up for an email solution, and then delete your Basic InstantWeb (see below for instructions.)

    Why is the expiration date different from that of my domain name?

    Note that the expiration date of your Basic InstantWeb service is one year from last summer, and does not necessarily correspond to the expiration date of your domain(s). If you allow the InstantWeb service to expire, your domain will still be registered to you and maintain it's original expiration date. If you are not sure whether or not you are currently using your Basic InstantWeb service, or whether or not you need to renew this service, you can find out in one of two ways: Either log in to your Customer Area and check under your "Website builder" and "Email" tabs to see whether or not it is assigned to any of your domains; or you may contact us directly at support@nunames.nu (or via our online ticketing system on our website), tell us your log in email address and/or one or more of the domain names in your account, and we will advise.

    I know I don't use InstantWeb, how do I stop getting these notices?

    If you know that none of your domains is using InstantWeb, you can either log in to your account and "delete" any InstantWeb plans that are listed under your "Website builder" tab. Or, merely notify us via email or a support ticket, and we will be glad to delete it for you.

    We apologize for the confusion that has resulted due to the site upgrade. We are still working out the kinks and appreciate your continued support.

    Everyone at NuNames.